Four Pretty Angles by Andrea Velásquez

On the beginning of the year 2009 there was a cute, happy, beautiful and very smart girl called Andrea. Her life seems to be pretty good. She had a beautiful and united family, very good friends, she studied in a nice school, and had lived in a house with beautiful surroundings.

One day everything seemed to crash down, she had troubles with her family and friends, her grades weren’t very good, and her heart was broken. So, she decided to talk with her nice friend, God. She enthusiastically called him to ask for help; he told her that he was going to send 4 of his prettiest angels, and that each one had a special gift. The first one had the gift of the laugh; she was going to make her feel better when she was sad. The second one has the gift of the sweetness; she was going to teach her how to love. The third one had the gift of the friendship with God; she was going to teach her how to be closer with God and how to pray. And the last one had the gift of the happiness; she was going to teach her to be happy every day.

Andre was very delight after talking with God, and she waited every day until her angels appear, but every day in her life everything was turning better and better. One day, she noticed that her life was even better than in the beginning, so she thanked God for everything, and told him that he forgot to send her 4 pretty angels. God told her that he did not forget to send them, but maybe did not recognize them.

Next day, Andrea went to her school as every day, and she realize that God had send her 4 angels, 4 of the most pretty angels, and this angels were her 4 friends Tefu, the funny one, Hellen the cute one, Mary the religious one and Mirka the happy one. Andrea was very excited and she thanked God because he had sent these 4 angels to make her happier, stronger, and to make each of her days very lovely ust for the fact that she had 4 angels in her life. Andrea also noticed that now she has a challenge, and it was to keep this 4 angels by her side all the rest of her life and not to separate from them, not even in a thunderstorm in her life; because she knew that these 4 angels can make this thunderstorm became a rainbow.

2 Responses
  1. Kitty..! Says:

    Awwww.. Andreee U rock my world crazy girl...
    You know that I´m always here for you.
    Every day I thanks God because he send me 4 real angels... but you are sooooo special for me Love You, Honey......

  2. Maitee! Says:

    That cute this story!!
    Congratulation for to the writers!=D
    The friends are forever! <3