8th B - Sequences

Hello my dear 8th "B" ladies, welcome to our blog!!!

Please post your sequences using these words:

To begin with - First - Second - Next - Then - After that - Last - Finally

Have a great weekend!
With love, Miss Luchis

23 Responses
  1. Anónimo Says:

    To begin with I wake up and I wash my theet , at first I eat my breakfast, second I clean my room , next I do my homework , then i enter in facebook, after I take a bath and get dress, at last I go out with my friends in the colony , and finally I come back and I get prepare to a party .

    vivian mansilla 2B

  2. Anónimo Says:

    A weekend

    To begin with I wake up, first I pray, second I take a bath,next I eat my breakfast, then I brush my teeth, after that I see TV, last I take a nap, and finally I talk in the phone with my best friend.

    Mafer Gonzalez 8th 'B'

  3. Anónimo Says:

    To begin with I wake up,first I eat my breakfast,second I help my mom clean the house ,next I take a bath and get drees,then I eat lunch with my familiy and my aunt's family after that I brush my teeth,at last I went with my cousing's house,and finally at 9:00pm I came back to my house and get prepare to sleep.
    Wendy Och 8th 'B'

  4. Anónimo Says:

    To begin with I wake up and the first thing that I did was wash my teeth, second I took a wash,next I ate my breakfast, then I did my homework after that I prepared my clothes for go to Zacapa, last I helped my mom to prepare the lunch and finally I saw a movie.
    Gabriela Morales 8th 'B'

  5. Anónimo Says:

    To beguin with a normaL satrday I wake up at 8:30. First I go to eat. Second I brush my teeth. Next I take a bath. Then I see if I have homeworks to do. After that I watch TV. Last I keep in the computer using facebook and msn. Finally I go to my room and sleep all the night
    Mariana Morales 8th "B"

  6. Anónimo Says:

    To begin I am going to a party, so first I am take a shower, second I brush my teeth. next dress up, then I fix my hair, after that I put make up, lasta I get in the car and finally I go to the party

    Dayan Mazariegos 8th B

  7. Anónimo Says:

    To begin with I get up and brush my teeth,first I eat my breakfast, second I take a shower, next i dress up, then i do my homework, after that I watch TV, at last I turn on the computer and check my facebook, finally I brush my teeth and go to sleep.

    Dulce Monroy 8th. "B"

  8. Anónimo Says:

    To begin with I wake up at 8 o'clock and brush my teeth, first I eat my breakfast and clean my bedroom second I take a bath and brush my teeth, next I see a little bit of TV and look at facebook then I go out with my family and eat the lunch, after that I return to my house and i go out with my friends and play basket, for last I see my favorite program and finally I prepare to sleep.

    Melibeth Aguilar 8th "B"

  9. Domenica Estrada Says:

    To begin with I wake up.First I take a shower, second I dress up, next I fix my hair & I brush my teeth, then my family & I get into car & we go to Nais to eat breakfast, after that we go to the doctor because my little sister are sick & last we return to m house & we lunch. Finally my cousin come to my house & we see a movie!

    Domenica Estrada 8th "B"

  10. Anónimo Says:

    To begin the classes I get at school and go to my class, first I take my books and the homework, second I order my things and prepare all to the first class, next I go with my friends to talk and laugh, then I asked about the homework to my classmates, after that I open my locker to see that I don’t forget anything, at last I seat in my desk and finally the bell ring and my teacher come and we do the prayer.

    Andrea Almirez 8th "B"

  11. Anónimo Says:

    to begin my regular saturday each week , first i wake up like at 11 am , second i eat my breakfeast ( a bowl of cereal or something like that ) , next i brush my teeth then i take a bath , dress up and bursh my hair. After that we usually go out with my family to eat lunch somewhere , at last we come back home and finally i watch a little bit of TV at night and go to bed.

    Ixchel Maria Valiente Cerezo
    8th "B"

  12. Anónimo Says:

    To begin when I wake up, First I brush my theet, Second I take a bath and get dress, next I do my homework, then I eat my luch, after that I play with my dog and with my guinea pig, last I prepare to go out with my best friend, bought an ice cream and finally came back and we said goodbye.

    Michelle Moralez Gonzalez
    8th ¨B¨

  13. Anónimo Says:

    My sunday(:
    To begin with I waked up and I went to Miraflores to bought my shoes, First I went to Impo, second I went to MD and I found a beautiful to a party, finally we spend all the night dancing.shoes that I like so much, next I took a bath, then I put my dress on, after that a friend of mine came to my house, last we went in the car

    Gabriela Maria Ovalle Ramirez
    8th B

  14. Anónimo Says:

    To start my Friday first I wake up and take a long bath with hot water and dress up, second I eat breakfast with my mom. Next l brush my teeth and go to take the bus. After the school I eat my lunch with my family. Then I have to go to my training. After that I come to my home eat a little bit, brush my teeth, I do my homework and last I take a look to my mail and finally I go to my bed to sleep.

    Ana Sofia Aguilar Ramirez
    8th B

  15. Anónimo Says:

    To begin with my weekend, first i wake up, then i take a bath and get drees. Second i went down stairs and ate my breakfast,next i help my mother in the kitchen. Then i brush my teeth. After that i went to walk on the street. At last i went to my cousin house and finally i sleep in her house.

    Katya Estevez Brol
    8th B

  16. Anónimo Says:

    Finally this weekend I celebrated my fifteen years, to beging with the party I danced with my dad first the vals and second a salsa song. After that everybody song me the happy birthday and next we sing a family traditional song called "The Pollo". Last I take a bite on my cake and then I enjoy my party with my family and friends.

    Lucia Ruiz López
    8th B

  17. Anónimo Says:

    To begin with a beautiful day First T wake up and I brush my teeths Second I tell my mom "Godo Morning" and I help her to do the break fast
    Next I wash the dishes and we clean the house Then we take a bath After we go shoping Last we go to my hause and we watch a movie and Finally we go out and play with my sister and we read Twilight!
    Ericka Huertas 8 "B"

  18. Anónimo Says:

    Recipe for how to be a good mother
    To begin with love, always take love the second, is strong character to raise them well is not necessary to have a strong character just with firmness next we need a firm hand with our children because always they needed, then freedom is not license because are thing different, all children need a little bit of freedom, need to know what really is to have freedom and debauchery, after that always is necessary professional help because it help you raise your children better an finally the most important GOD help always because just he can help yo when you can’t find a solution.
    Maria fenanda Rodriguez 8 “B”

  19. Anónimo Says:

    To begin with a wonderful morning, I woke up at 10:30 to take advantage of this sunny day. First, I went to the kitchen to take my dinner and I ate scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Second, I take a bath and washed my teeth. Next, I asked to my parents what we were going to do and they told me we’ll go to “La Antigua” with some friends to visit some churches and go for a walk. Then when we all got tired we went to “El parque central de la Antigua” to take a sit and drink some “atol de elote” and eat “tostadas”. After that, we go for a walk again and I saw a man who was playing the guitar and we stay for a minute to listen to his music. Last, we went to the place where we leave our cars because it was time for us to went back home. Finally, when I entered to my house I just get into my bed because it was very late and on Monday I have to go to school.
    Cecilia de León 8th "B"

  20. Anónimo Says:

    To begin with a cold and normal day of school, I woke up at 5:55 am., I dess me up and i TRY to fizx my horrible hair! First i eat my breakfast and then i brush my teeth.Second i go to school and i resive my classes. Next i go home again and i say...''thanks God no more school''. Then i take a shower and dress me up again but this time i dress me up like i want, not with the school uniform. After that a check my facebook and do my homework. After all that, finally i do what i want, go out with my friends, or watch tv.

    Carlita Urrutia 8th B

  21. Anónimo Says:

    To beging with my favorite day of the week, first I wake up like nine thirty AM, second I eat my breakfast and I watch some TV, next I take a shower and I brush my hair and my teeth and also I take like 30 minutes for look for something I will wear that day, then I dress up and I ask to parents What we would do? that day and if they say nothing I try to do my own plans. After that I eat lunch with all my family and we have a great time, last I enjoy going to my Catholic group, and finally I check my facebook or I watch TV before going to bed.
    >> Brenda Cruz 8th B (8)

  22. Anónimo Says:

    Begin a normal da. First I get up at 4 am the second I take a bath, then go to school, following my return home, then do my homework and finally put in the computer and talk to my friends.

    Gabriela Cojulun Gonzalez 2do B

  23. Anónimo Says:

    To beging with first schoolafter that I take off the uniform and my shoes ,second my mom served my lunch next take a shower brush my teeth and I turn on the computer then I connect to facebook and check my email and after that I see that I have homework and last my mom gives me half an hour to do what you want.

    ximena mendez 8th B