How can change improve people's lives? 8th "B"

  • Name new technologies that have been invented during your lifetime. 
  • What was your life like before these inventions existed? 
  • How have they changed your life for the better?
21 Responses
  1. Anónimo Says:

    1. The cellphone, The computer and the internet.
    2. my life was difficult because before it was so hard to my to comunicate with my family with a easy way. And without the computer it was so hard because I had to write all by hand and without the internet I had to search the information on Encyclopedias and dictionaries.
    3. they change my life because now I can comunicate with my mom everyday and I don't have to use a telephone and the computer with the internet make some of my homeworks easier than make by hand Now I can use the internet to search about every information.

    Gaby Bracamonte
    8th Grade "B"

  2. Anónimo Says:

    1. computer, the cellphone.
    2. dificult because if we had a problem we don't have to communicate
    3. now we have a better communication with the people who are away

    Dayan Mazariegos
    8th B

  3. Anónimo Says:

    1.The cellphone, the computer, the printer.
    2.My life was difficult because before the people communicate with letters, but now only calling or with inbox I can communicate. the computer is too useful to do my homework because exist the internet to search anything is better that go to the library and read a book, The printer is useful and better because before you do the things with the hand.
    3. I can do my homework in a essay way searching in the computer and print, and with the cellphone to be communicate with all my friends and family only calling.

    Andrea Almirez, 8th B

  4. Anónimo Says:

    1.Cable TV and DVD
    2. It was boring because you could only watch national programs and without a DVD you can only wathc a film of TV .
    3.Now is better because you can watch and know a lot of thing that hapened in all over the world.

    Mafer Gonzalez
    8th B

  5. Anónimo Says:

    (,celphones,laptop,tv also camera and others.
    ( that my life is was difficult because is so hard to comunicate with other persons and also when you have to research about something you have to do alot of things .
    ( the actuallity is easy because the technology help you a lot an facilitate the life.

    vivian mansilla
    8th b

  6. Lucia Ruiz López Says:

    1) The computer and the cellphone.
    2) It was boring and difficult becouse the only channel that you can see was the nationals ones. The people had to send a letter and it took so long, for doing my homework I had to search in the encyclopedia or asking to my parents and now its more easier becouse in the internet you can find all that you need!
    3) Now its more easier to do the things, like homework becouse I only search it, summarize it and printed it, and with the cellphone I can commonicate with my family, friends calling them or maybe send it a text message.

    Lucia Ruiz López
    8th "B" :)

  7. Anónimo Says:

    1) the ipod,the cellphone and the printer.

    2) well refering to the printer and to the cellphone it was more difficult because without the cellphone we werent able to comunicate and without the printer things and works at school were very difficult cause you have to copy everything,And refering to the ipod maybe it wasent so different than what it is now because there were still radios and taperecorders.

    3)they have improve because the printer makes life at school more easier and with the cellphone we can comunicate everytime in case of an emergency.The ipod has improve my life for the better because every time im boring i can hear any song i like.

    Ixchel Valiente Cerezo
    8th grade "B" (:

  8. Anónimo Says:

    1.the cellphone and the internet
    2. was difficult to comunicate through letters and without the internet was difficult to do homework becouse you have to search information in dictionaries or in encyclopedias. is more easier to do homework becouse the internet exist and to comunicate becouse you have a cellphone...
    8th ¨B¨
    Wendy Och

  9. Anónimo Says:

    1. The internet, the MP3 player and the computer.
    2. Difficult becasue with out the computer we had to make the homework hand and that was exhausted and boring athen with internet we had to looking for information in an Encyclopedia and this help us to communicate with our family and friends and help us to find a better information.In other hand is better to have a MP3 player because we can go with it everywhere and also wiht it we dont have to use the big radio and the discman player because was uncomfortable. In conclusion is more easy to use all of this and technology facilited our life.
    8th B
    Gabriela Morales.

  10. Anónimo Says:

    1. The cellphone

    2. Diifficult because I cant communicate with my family and friends in easy form.

    3.Is easier because in case of emergency I can communicate with someone and its easier to communicate with my family and friends.

    8th. "B"
    Dulce Monroy :3

  11. Anónimo Says:

    1. the internet, cellphone,.
    2.I dont now because when i born the internet was already usefuf but is consatantly changing to better.
    3.the internet is very useful for school works and for fb aplication and the celphone has many functions tha works like a mini- computer in your hand!

    Katya Estevez:D

  12. Domenica Estrada Says:

    1) PSP,LD TELEVISION,HOME THEATRE,iPads,iPhones,iPods Touch,Black Berry Torch.
    2)I think that the way to communicate it be difficult, but it not be the end of the world, we learn to live without them.
    3)I'm communicate with my family that are not far to me, to communicate with my friends, to have funn,to spend time with my family & my friends.

  13. Anónimo Says:

    1.The cellphone, the computer, the DSI, the iPods, USB.
    2. Well I think that it was more difficult than right now because some technology its really important because it help us to comunicate,but it would be something we would have to get used to.
    3. The truth is that they have done better and easier the way of communication.

    >BreendaLi Cruuz' ^^ 8th B (:

  14. Anónimo Says:

    1. teh cellphone the computer ipods etc
    2. well my life before was normal becase I was little and I dont know how to use the cellphone and the computer. I can go to the computer and do my homewotk I can comunicate with other people and i emergency case I can talk with mi family.

    Mafer rodriguez 8TH B

  15. Anónimo Says:

    1.the laptop computer, the wii game,the cellphone
    2.before these inventions were created was difficult because we did not have much communication as now, we did not have much fun with technology, now also mobile phones are used not only for communication also for the music player and many more functions, also wii game we can have fun while exercising.So all the inventions have made life far more practical.
    3.My life has changed with technology and inventions in my homework because I have all the functions of the Internet, I can communicate with other people and the computer gives me all I needed to make them.

    Melibeth Aguilar 8TH "B"

  16. Anónimo Says:

    YouTube was created in 2005

    Before these invention we have to watch all in the T.V, or when the things happen.

    But now we can watch videos that help us to see how the world is or something like that.

    Michelle Morales Gonzalez
    8th B

  17. Gabriela Ovalle :3 Says:

    1. The cellphone, the electronic encyclopedia, the internet, the e-mail, the thin screen, MP3, different tipes of virtual games...
    2. With the internet and the electronic encyclopedia, for example if we had homework, we can't looked for te information in the computer, instead we had to go to the National Library to read about the theme. With the e-mail we can comunicate with our friends and parents easly.
    3. We do the things easier after this invents where created, we can search information quickly etc...

    ^^ :$

  18. xiimena guzman :D Says:

    1.the laptop and wii sports,Microsoft Surface multi-touch PC
    2. I think the technology is very important for all people that use it to communicate but not before he had all the technology we have now and some people are surprised sow much.
    3.Now I can do my homework in the computer and took with people with is not in Guatemala and I can find lots of information I did not know.

  19. Sofia Aguilar Says:

    1. The computer and the cellphones
    2. Really I don’t know because this technology already exists when I was born.
    3. I think that the technology is very important for all the people. I think that one of the most important inventions is the computer because we can use to search anything that we want to know, make our homework easily. Another important invention are the cellphones because we can communicate with our friends and parents that live in another countries, you have also use the cellphone when you have an emergency.

    Ana Sofía Aguilar Ramírez
    8th B

  20. Anónimo Says:

    TV 1:
    I say that television is one of the most used technologies,Entertainment learning styles.
    2 the celilares:
    I say that cell phones are very important to humans that if someone is lost you can call a friend for help or if your computer does not work can come from your cell phone or can also be used to ablate your loved ones that are far away.
    3 the computer:
    I say that the source computer is the most visited in the world we find all sorts of information.
    Fernanda González velásquez