Reinforcement BASICOS - Feb 9th

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  1. Anónimo Says:

    It is something real, something that cause depress in the people that do not know that this it is photoshop. Some of this shows people that sold to the business,and show that all of this is false.

    alejandra melendez 8th "c"

  2. Anónimo Says:

    It is very cool because this video is real and is dangerous because the people thinks that the appearance of this person is really and they become depressed because they want are the same person and it is very incorrect.

    Isabel Orantes 8th D

  3. Anónimo Says:

    the pareance is no reallly beacause using photo shop and change her face and putting makeup and chage the form of the face. Have a one prducing sometimes no really in the catalogos photos beause they put thi effect in the pictures. Jessika rivas

  4. Anónimo Says:

    the apparence not is real in the life becouse somethines all is ficiton. now the makeup all of get right from that all seem nature and perfect.
    fernanda dubon
    9th c

  5. Anónimo Says:

    In the video I saw that first she look ugly and disheveled, but then estilist put makeup and fix her hair and was gradually changing and looked a different person and pretty in some photos are edited to make her look better and maybe you never imagined that she would model.
    Gabriela Morales

  6. Anónimo Says:

    this video express the beauty of woman and especific tips for the beauty and the shown the appearence of the woman! and shown the changes of the women. kateand shawn as change with the makeup katerin carias 2do f

  7. Anónimo Says:

    In a ad a women that was ugly but with the tecnology they can make that the women looks beautiful they use makeup, photoshop for fix the bugs that the woman have and with the tecnology make the ugly women a beautiful women

    > mafer rodriguez 8 "B"

  8. KATYA ESTÈVEZ!:) Says:

    In this video, the beauty of a woman appears as if its natural beauty was ugly and needs to be different, so that the public will attract the notice. But what the public does not know is that just doing it to get attention and that does not exist. For the Beauty of the ad to attract people to use Photoshop or a special computer program to fix any flaws and that's bad because all people and women are beautiful in some way.

    8th B!

  9. Anónimo Says:

    In this video, appear a lady that she was not to pretty, but then some experts start to put her make up and fix her hair, then they take a picture of she, and they fix it in the computer and then it appears in an advertisement, I think that in a part it's good because it makes you more beautiful, but i'ts bad because sometimes the aparience is not important, the only think that cares it's the beauty of inside.

    ximena letona
    8th C

  10. Anónimo Says:

    I think this video is real life to make that trade ladeben to change to look pretty but not really show how they are. The eople can be very different from reality.
    Fernanda González Velásquez


  11. Anónimo Says:

    is very interesting, now the technology change the hair, the make up, and make that the person see more beautiful.

    dayan mazariegos
    8th B