REINFORCEMENT DIVER - What I like and I don't like!

Tell us what you don't and what you like about yourself. 
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19 Responses
  1. Anónimo Says:

    Awnn..I think we are beautifull inside and outside! so girls you have to love yourself!
    Go! Preschool!

  2. Anónimo Says:

    I think I dont like my shape.... but what I like about me are my eyes and my hair. I THINK its important to trust in ourselves specially inside OF US.CLAUDIA C

  3. Anónimo Says:

    I think that Margarita has all the reason, but I really don't like all my body, the only 2 things that like me is my hair and my eyes.

  4. Anónimo Says:

    @Claudia: Ilove your hair is so curly! @Jenni your eyes are nice!

  5. Anónimo Says:

    I think that all the people have something of them that they dont like but everyone is special and have to learn to love themselves
    Isbel Barahona

  6. Anónimo Says:

    @jenni I love your eyes too!
    Isabel Barahona

  7. Anónimo Says:

    Thank you Margarita!!!!

  8. Anónimo Says:

    @Isabel sometimes the things that we hate make us different to the others.

  9. Anónimo Says:

    I hate my hands, but i just accept them because God gave them to me. Also, there are people that dont have them. :/ but then i love all about me because i know that im not perfect buti have to love u ! :)
    atte alex :3

  10. Anónimo Says:

    who wrote me "thank you"?????

  11. Anónimo Says:

    @margarita you are a nice friend thanks for comments love you...jajajaj CLAUDIA C

  12. Anónimo Says:

    I think that all +he people are beautiful and that doesn't matter the shape, only the things that are inside and the feelings of the person, but I think that I don't like my hair and my nose.....
    cecilia portillo

  13. Anónimo Says:

    I don't like my hair because is too short, but I have to accept myself because I know none is perfect, and there's someone that really love us the way who we are and is God for Him we are perfect and that's the only thing that really matters!!!! :)
    Lucia H.

  14. Anónimo Says:

    I dont like my hair because is so wear... I think that we have to accept ourself doesn't matter how we are!

  15. Anónimo Says:

    @claudia even is not a like button i like your comment! :)

  16. Anónimo Says:

    Thank You Isa!!!!
    Att: Jenniffer
    PD: Margarita Thank YOu1!!!!

  17. Anónimo Says:

    @alex: you are right, we have to love every part of ourselfs because there are a lot of people that doesn't have the same as us and they are wish it
    lucia h.

  18. Anónimo Says:

    I think we women with our physical complexed lot and we do not realize that these complexes makes us different.
    Katherinne Escobar

  19. Anónimo Says:

    we should all women to account
    how valuable we are, and leave our prejudices behind.
    daff s.