I Love My Alien... by Santizo, González, Mayén, and Morales

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  1. Anónimo Says:

    awwwwn is so beautiful
    I want an alien

  2. Anónimo Says:

    this coment is mine jeje :P I
    >kelly alvarenga :)

  3. Anónimo Says:

    :O so beautiful specially for the authors jeje >Kaatty AlvareenGa :D

  4. Anónimo Says:

    aaaaaawwwwn!!!! I would love to have an alien ja-jaaaa.... but it should be green like a lime because that´s my favorite color! Love U Mafeeeer!!

  5. Anónimo Says:

    jejeje that was my comment! I forgot to put my name! Katia CD...

  6. maanDiz Says:

    aawn! gooD stooriee! :P I will miss all of uu crazie girls :D