8th B - Japan's Tsunami Video Opinion

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  1. Anónimo Says:

    i think that the desaster in Japan is lamentable, because poor people there, they were the 3 country with the best economy, and now they don´t have nothing. :(
    I hope that all countries could help them with everything we could, because if we were them, we would want them to help us. :)

    Carla Urrutia

  2. Anónimo Says:

    In my opinion this dessaster in Japan will affect all the world because the nuclear plant explote and produce radiation. Japanisse people is suffering a lot, they loose their houses because the earthquake of 7.9, the tsunamy of 8.8 and now there is snowing so I think is time to help them.
    Valeria Aviles Diaz

  3. Anónimo Says:

    In my opinion this earthquake in Japan from 7.9 has destroy thousands of things in this country as houses, buildings, etc, but also affected the tsunami of 8.8 causes of the earthquake that destroy houses and people have to leave them.
    But no country is prepared for such disasters, even developed countries like Japan, cannot withstand such disasters. So is time to help people that does not have houses or food.

    Melibeth Aguilar

  4. Anónimo Says:

    My opinion that is something lamentable, they lost everything they have, and so fast. Humans have not developed the technology to predict what is going to happen to us, so they don't have the idea that is going to happen to them. So they need our help and even something small is going to changed a life.

    Ericka Huertas

  5. Anónimo Says:

    The earthquake in Japan I think it was very unfortunate not only for themselves but for the entire world. And the way they saw it all I think it is very difficult to forget as they lost everything and family and friends. And people cannot believe that a country like Japan that going through this.

    Mafer Gonzalez

  6. Anónimo Says:

    I think that the earthquake was the strongest earthquake in the last years this provoke a lot of disasters and after the earthquake a tsunami came to japan and made more disasters than the earthquake provoke. I think we can help them because they are not in a good situation and a lot of people don't have a home.

    Gaby Bracamonte

  7. Katya Estevez:) Says:

    The earthquake of Japan that occured last week is an example that the humanity needs to start take control of nature, because if we dont change our actitude, we will start suffering more desasters on world! i think that in 2012 we will not die because God is the only one that knows when we are going to die, but if we dont start to be concient about what are the beautiful things that God gave us we will loose them and I am sure we would not like it! So I think all the peolple need to help Japan because on a next desaster another country will need help too!:)
    Katya Estevez 8th grade B

  8. Andrea Almirez Says:

    I believe that despite the terrible earthquake of 8.9 degrees, the various reactions of the Japanese, was always a calm and serene, they tried to continue their activities as shown in the city.
    In relation to the tsunami of 7.9, we see that the force of nature is superior to anything provided by man since razed it to people, they were scared, and destroy many houses and families.

    Andrea ALmirez 8th B

  9. Anónimo Says:

    In my opinion Japan is the country best prepared for such disasters, but neither they who have suffered many earthquakes and many other things are expected this amazing natural event. They have been one of the greatest powers of the world, I really admire them a lot, and I think as in other cases they have helped other countries, we must help them. Because we do not know when something may happen to like or perhaps something worse. So we must give our support not only because they have helped in the past but also because they are suffering right now because they do not have electricity, many people died, lost their homes and are trying to see how how they can evacuate survivors. Only here we can see how powerful is nature!

    Michelle Morales
    8th B

  10. Dulce Monroy :3 Says:

    In mi opinion i believe japan currently is passing for a terrible situation in which passed for an earthquake and then a tsunami.
    I think they are going through bad times and we must help them to achieve to get out of this terrible misfortune.

    Dulce Monroy
    8th B

  11. Lucia Ruiz López Says:

    I think that the natural disasters that occurred in Japan have been part of fault of humans, because we don't care the environment. But I also think that Japan is one of the countries that are most prepared for this type of disasters, so I think that the country will thrive soon with the help of other countries and God.

  12. Anónimo Says:

    In my opinion Japan is going through a bad time, because e desastreocurrido auso you much damage, many deaths. etc. And much more as their source of usable energy, because of what happened in the country. I also think we should help them to achieve up again.

    Vivian Mansilla
    8th B

  13. Anónimo Says:

    In my opinion Japan is going through a bad time, because the disaster occurred caused him considerable damage, many deaths. etc. And much more as their source of usable energy, because of what happened in the country. I also think we should help them to achieve up again.

    Vivi Mansilla
    8th B

  14. Anónimo Says:

    My opinion is that Japan became a very difficult moment because first was the earthquake and then the tsunami they felt homeless and, I think that they need help them to cope and recover from these bad time that they passed.

    Dayan Mazariegos
    8 B

  15. mariana morales Says:

    In my opinion Japan is in a very difficulte situation because of the earthquake and the tsunamy.
    All the people that suffered those dessasters lost their homes, things, etc.
    I think that we could help the to recover all those things that they loose.
    8th B

  16. ixchel valiente Says:

    i think that they are living right now a sad and difficult situation because its gonna cost them a lot of money to recover from all the damages that the tsunami caused ad besides the ones who suffer even more in this situations are the people, specially the poor ones because they had to leave their homes and now they have nothing.I hope all the countries that are able to help them they do it because we must understand that if we were in that position we would apreciate people giving us their help and i really too hope God bless them and help them to get out of this (:

    ixchel valiete cerezo
    8th grade B

  17. Anónimo Says:

    The earthquake was terrible in Japan.I think that is terrible all the things that in there are livinig.In my opinion thwy need help their lives are in danger.
    >Mafer rodriguez

  18. Anónimo Says:

    Last week in Japan occurred a big disaster, the earthquake of 8.9 degrees and after that a tsunami of 7.9 degrees. This event affected many innocent people that lost their houses, died many people. Japan is an industrial country and they are hard workers and very intelligent but now they need our help to moving forward.
    Sofía Aguilar
    8th grade B
    code number 2