8th A - Japan's Tsunami Video Opinion

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  1. Anónimo Says:

    Was very sad what happened to Japan, was sad to see whole families were destroyed by the Tsunami, many losted their families, their homes, maybe they made it with hard work and that in less than a minute everything was destroyed by a Tsunami, see so much suffering, people crying, is horrible, so we have to stand in solidarity with Japan and this to me give me a lesson that I must be more aware of our family.

    Joscelyne Estefania Rodriguez Najera 8th A

  2. Anónimo Says:

    I think that in moments like this one is when we have to act as a huge family and support our brothers and sisters of Japan, maybe we can't build them a new house,but we can pray for them so then God will help them build their city again. Imagine that all for what you have been working for is there, and in just a few seconds it isn't there anymore, or knowing that all the people that you love is in danger, and the only thing you can do is pray for their security. This earthquake is for us to learn how afortunated we are, and to appreciate all what we have.

    Nicolle Monroy Galeotti <3
    8th grade "A"

  3. Anónimo Says:

    I think that Japan is a very strong country and with time they will get back their strength that they used to have and always had had.
    Also, the people around the world is trying to help them with they have in their reach. The President Barack Obama wants to help them too and that is a good moral behavior that he has to have. Also the earthquake and the tsunami can help us to think that they could use that to steal the supermarket, but no. They respect the owners and they business and that show us that they are very good people and they deserve help.
    Helen Vásquez 8th A

  4. Anónimo Says:

    The video shows how much the Tsunami and the earthquake had destroyed and left what it used to be Japan. The earthquake's strenght make so many damage to Japan's people and lands, they had lost everything, including family, their homes, their personal stuff.
    Now is the time to show our union and help them, maybe not with materials things, but we can do it by praying.

    Katherine Montenegro (:
    8th grade "A"

  5. Anónimo Says:

    Although I did't understand the speaking of the pastry I could see that the earthquake didn't destroy as much things as the Tsunami. It destroyed houses, airports, factories, everything in its way. It also cause sentimental damage because it killed a lot of people, lots of families and even Japan is a country developed we can help them, because if we were in that situation they could help us too.

    Evelyn Sosa
    8th "A"

  6. Anónimo Says:

    Even It was a little bit hard to understand what the girl was talking about, I think that was so devastator what happened to them, what is happen to them, even if they have the best technology is hard because they have to clean all the disaster that both natural disasters made. They have to beign watching the help of all the people because some of them can get very sick and also die. It's so bad and it's sad what is happen to Japan and we have to be paying attention to it because in any moment can affect any part of America.

    Marisa Arevalo

  7. Anónimo Says:

    The video showed us all the damages and the main fact like how hard was the earthquake, it had a 7.9 magnitude, a historical number. The other thing that affected them really hard was the Tsunami which was produced by a quake in the ocean of 8.8 of magnitude. This tsunami affected a lot of areas and they have many people disappeared.
    Gabriela Marroquin

  8. Anónimo Says:

    The video is about a report of japan after the earthquake that it magnitude was 7.9, in the video we can see when a huge wave destroy all the houses, plantations, ect, It´s sad to see that because every one is worry, lost and some people died. I feel sad because the earthquake and the Tsunami destroy their home and that hard for theme, they don´t have where to go.

    Ashley Arriaza Ruiz

  9. Anónimo Says:

    The tsunami that in japan occure was really sad because a lot of peoples and families were destroyed and killed by it. I think that we have to get toguether to help Japan because if this would happen to us we want help to.
    > all the thing that happen in this world i think it is because God want to give us a lection and reacted about all the bad things that we are doing.
    Ma. Alejandra Barrientos :)
    8th "A"

  10. Anónimo Says:

    What happened in Japan was horrible. The quake, the tsunami and now the nuclear plants, but we know that Japan is part of a superpower and a stong country, so we hope and believe that they'll overcome with all that problems. So now all showing our support we'll pray for them and'll support them in everything we can.

    Ana Lucia de Leon Vargas
    8th "A"

  11. Anónimo Says:

    Japan's chaos, is an example of an event, which makes us think about how thankful we should be with God, because we're fine. Knowing of course at any moment something can happen and I think countries sould be prepared for these kind of disasters. We are parying for Japan's stability.

    Gaby Polanco
    8th A

  12. Anónimo Says:


  13. Anónimo Says:

    It makes you sad, to see all the damage Japan has suffered, all the people who was death, all the people who lost everyone and everything, and I think we can be in their shoes at any time, so we really have to be solidary and give everything which is in our hands. Help to be helped.

    Veronica Rodríguez :)
    8th "A"

  14. Anónimo Says:

    This video, show how the tsunami and the earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 affected Japan.
    Is very difficult to see how the people suffered the consecuences.
    All the countries should be prepared for a disaster like that one.
    We must be united as a family and pray for them.

    Diana Sosa
    8th A

  15. Anónimo Says:

    The video showed the disaster caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
    Many people lost their homes and family members.
    I can`t imagine the fear they felt!

    I am grateful to God because Guatemala is fine and in peace.
    In these times of crisis we realize how the entire world unites to help Japan.

    We must continue praying for them, so God can give them strength for re-build their lives and their cities.

    Bianca Mendizábal
    8th A :)

  16. Anónimo Says:

    We can see that the world can change in a minute with a disaster.

    Japan was a victim of a tsunami and an earthquake and the video shows a lot of people that lost their homes or family.
    We have to thanks God by all the things that we receive daily and we most pray by Japan.

    Karen Cecilia Cojulun
    8th A

  17. Anónimo Says:

    I think that Japan had happen through a lot of things during this days. First they had this big earthquake of 8.9 magnitude that left a lot of damage, then they had the tsunami that was worst a lot of people are now without a home. I think that now we should thank God because we're alive and we have a family,we have to pray for the people of Japan and help them so they can build their country again.

    Nansly Ramos Gereda
    8th A

  18. Anónimo Says:

    It is very sad to see how Japan suffered.
    The whole world has to be praying and giving help as the big family we are; because we never know when we will need help too.
    Let's be thankful with God because of all the good things He gives us.

    Yessenia Ogaldez

  19. Anónimo Says:

    It is hard to see how a natural phenomenon affects and how it destroys a whole country.This tsunami affected Japan and the people there were afraid because of their families and homes. But something to admire is that everyone was in order and with calm. Maybe Japan is a country that dislikes to say what happen to them but besides this they need help from us.We can only pray for their security and their lives.

    Giselle Santa Cruz
    8th. "A"

  20. Anónimo Says:

    The video shows how the earthquake and the tsunami destroyed a big part of Japan.
    It is really impressive and sad to see all the pain,suffering and damage these natural disasters caused.
    All we can do is pray and ask God to take care of this country and help them to fix all the damage.

    Jennifer Andrea Robles Sierra
    8th. "A"