Women's Suffrage Documentary - 8th C

1. Write a 30-word opinion about this video.
2. Choose 3 words you didn't understand. Write definition and a sentence.

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  1. Anónimo Says:

    That the woman have to have a opportunity to have suffrage and opinion because the woman is the same like the man .and the women don’t only have to do the cleaning of the house.

    Mariana Ramos 2do a

  2. Anónimo Says:

    I like this video because is so important for the women’s to know how are the lows in the past
    And also is important to know that the men and the women are equal.
    Traitors: a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust
    Ardor: great warmth of feeling; fervor; passion:
    Affairs: anything done or to be done;
    fatima albanez 2do A

  3. Anónimo Says:

    I like this video, because the womans have the same right as mens, doesn't matter the sex of the person,the womans can vote too. Men and womens are created equal.

    My mom and my dad struggle for us his daughters.

    My sister is citienz of Guatemala.

    My father is the husbands of my mother.

  4. Anónimo Says:

    I like this video because they explain how women’s progress and they say that women’s and men’s are equal and we have the same rights because be complete each other

    citizens: Melany and Fatima are citizen of Guatemala.

    Greatness: Guatemala has greatness mountains.


    katerin lopez 2A

  5. Anónimo Says:

    We are not discriminated against or battered as they did before. That's what I liked most because no matter who we are men or women have to be treated the same way. !

    Wages: a payment usually of money for labor or services.
    (The company offers competitive wages and good benefits.)

    Ardor:an often restless or transitory warmth of feeling.
    (They feel ardor against the situation.)

    pursuing: to follow in order to overtake, capture, kill, or defeat.
    (She wants to pursue a legal career.)

    Emiliana Estevez (:

  6. Anónimo Says:

    I think is interesting this tipe of things tolearn more about all the thisng that the womens live after the revolucion because it was a big revolution.

    Karen sánchez! 2C

  7. Anónimo Says:

    this video say's what happened in the past with the women's suffrage.
    it's so important know that the men and the woman are equal, not matter what happened in the future.

    Ardor:great warmth of feeling (we feeling ardor of the future).
    Affairs: anything done or to be done.(I have a love affair).
    struggle:make forceful efforts to get free. (all the people want to be struggle)

  8. Anónimo Says:

    8:30 natalie Donis (:

  9. Anónimo Says:

    I really like that today we have the oportunity of share our opinion. All in this world was born free and the just was the equal of both sexs with the suffrage.

    Citizens: a resident of a town.
    sentences--> María is a citizens of Los Olivos
    Ardor: Intense heat or glow
    Sentences--> She have an ardor with Marcela
    Struggle: To contend or compete
    Sentences--> He is struggle with my brother

    Diana Samayoa 2C

  10. Anónimo Says:

    I like this video becouse they talk about the women that they also can have a good progress, and they tell about that woman's and men's are equal, the woman can also have the decision like the men's and they can vote too.
    Affairs:In Guatemala are Affairs for woman and men.
    Citizen:Our Family is of United Estate.
    Rights:The woman have the same rights that the Men have.

    Alejandra Godoy 2C

  11. I like the video because show how women fought for years to have a right and that right was to vote. Generation by generation women fought to achieve what now looks to the woman the right to vote freely.Women today as shown in the video have done everything possible to achieve what they accomplished this day.


    Jimena Hernández 2'C'

  12. Anónimo Says:


  13. Anónimo Says:

    This is so important 'cause this is part of us and we have to know ths it doesn´t matter if you are woman or a man, we are equals.

    Maintain:To keep up or carry on
    Wages:a recompense
    Expected:To consider obligatory

    Angie Veliz 2ndo C

  14. Anónimo Says:

    I like this video because explain tha the woman have the same right as a men, and explains how the womans have the rigth to vote and take a decicions.

  15. Anónimo Says:

    This video makes me think in how much the time has change ´cause now womens can said what they think and we have to accepted i mean we learn to listen & Care Others Opinions.

    Citienz: resident of a town.
    - Jessica wants to be the citienz they Own Town.

    rigths: the law.
    -womens are loking for some rights.

    struggle: to compet.
    - Josue Likes to compete in basket.

    Krizthel Romero :$ 2C

  16. Anónimo Says:

    Tis video explain how women stand out and how they struggle to be free.I wouls like that many womens look at this video because they should now how our ancestors fight for their rights and freedom

    ardor:intense devotion, eagerness, or enthusias
    purse:nything resembling a purse in appearance, use,

  17. Anónimo Says:

    We don't have to discriminate the women if we have the same rights. I`m happy that the women have the suffrage because is an obligation that you have to comply.
    Ma.Fernanda Marcos 8th C

  18. Anónimo Says:

    i like this video bacause the woman´s and men are has the same posivility
    citizen:y am citizen of guatemala

    jessica guerra 2c

  19. Anónimo Says:

    My opinion about this video, its that all the women’s have rights and I think the rights have to be the same for women’s and men.
    Our opinion and vote its very important to the society, and its necessary that the persons listen our ideas when they are going to take a decision

    Citizen: a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth. She is a citizen of guatemala

    Wage: the result or effect of doing something wrong or unwise I have my first wage on october

    Purse: a small pouch of leather or plastic used for carrying money. I put the money in a purse

    Paola Paiz 8th C

  20. Anónimo Says:

    I like this video because we can see the reality of women´s in that age,in how much the time has change for people now at day and thank god it change.
    citizens: resident of a time.
    krizthel amd me are citizen of Chile
    ardor:great warmth of feeling, fervor,passion
    I have ardor for julio

    Michelle Rivera 2do c

  21. Anónimo Says:

    This video talk about the women´s as is importan buecause say who women´s with the passage of time it is developing that no only the women do the jobof the house.


    Diana Vásquez 2C

  22. Anónimo Says:

    The womans are as same as the men, they need to be trate like every person, they have voice to tell what they thing. Womans were looking their rights.
    wage: All the womans worked in their houses, and they do not recive a wage to recognize the work they made.
    Citizen: in Guatemala every person that bons here is a citizen.
    Pursuing: Every people persue their rights.

  23. Anónimo Says:

    I think is interesting this tipe of things tolearn more about all the thisng that the womens live after the revolucion because it was a big revolution.

    right: the obligation and chose wath youre decitionto bote
    discrimination: to do someone les than you
    Change: do other thing

    Karen sánchez! 2C

  24. Anónimo Says:

    my opinion is that the woman is a great example of life, woman in all this years have made a lot of changes in the world for us to be equal with men.
    * wages: a payment usually of money for labor or services.
    *forth :onward in time, place, or order.
    *citizens: an inhabitant of a city or town.
    Eva Montenegro 2C

  25. Anónimo Says:

    the women's suffrage is a big movement because before the women's was treat like a animal, that only was used for the cooking, the clean of the house and others things.

    sentiments: a attitude that is request a feeling
    pursuing: to follow in a order request
    wages: money that give you to do a work

    Ana Careen Villatoro 2c

  26. Anónimo Says:

    I like this video because the womans actually have the right to vote and because the world change when womans have rights and now we have a liberty womans now.

    Force: moral or mental strength.
    Some people worked force.

    Mainly: basically.
    You mainly have to study for your exams.

    Husband:a male partner in a marriage.
    He is the husband of Myriam.

    Lourdes Melgar Urbina 2do C

  27. Anónimo Says:

    My opinion about this video is that everyone deserve rights, i think that it wasnt good that the womens cant suffrage because as humans they needed those rights to express their opinions.

    Anger: a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.
    -Sentence: Yesterday my mom was so anger because my sister.
    Citizens: a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth.
    -Sentence: My sister work for the great citizens.
    Affair: an event or sequence of events of a specified kind or that has previously been referred to.
    -Sentence: I preferr the affair.

    Daniela Morataya 2C

  28. Anónimo Says:

    That before the womans didn't the right to vote because the mens are very discriminator and they don't want that the womans can emit her suffrage. and that is unfair.

    Treated: people who treat bad to others
    Citizen: a person who live in a city

    Jennifer Cerna 2C

  29. Anónimo Says:

    That before the women didn´t have oportunity to make the suffrage and the men are very discriminator with they. And is very unfair that the mens can vote and the womans no.

    Citezen: a peroson live in a society.
    Traitors :bad persons
    treated: perons that teat bad
    Diana Castillo 2°C

  30. Anónimo Says:

    My opinion about this video is that the women have the same opportunity as the men`s , it was unfair that the men’s was the right to vote mean while the women`s were cleaning the house or take care of the children because they don`t have rights.

  31. Anónimo Says:

    this video is very interesting because it shows the women can have a political office without being discriminated by men. The women´s had absolutely right in disclosure against presindet and political people.


    Rebeca Dominguez 2C

  32. Anónimo Says:

    Women's Suffrage it's very important thing in our lives. Women didn't have the right to vote, it took 72 years to have it.Every one has the same opportunity and equalilty.

    affair. I am affair of what things will happen.
    wage. She has an excellent wage.
    purse. Sha has a nice purse.
    Madeleine Car

  33. Anónimo Says:

    i think that is injust that man can give permition womans suffrage, i admire how womans dont give up they pass 72 years asking for that, the womans are here no only for clean
    affair: anything done or to be done.S: I am affair of my exam.
    Citezen: a peroson live in a society.S: I am a citezen.
    Husband: a male partner in a marriage.S: My father is the husband of my mom.
    Claudia Amenabar 2C

  34. Anónimo Says:

    This video is about how the woman fights to have all the rights that deserve because they know that in the life they could do something more and that they are totally equal., and no matter what the situation they don’t give up never, and for that effort of the woman, in this time has the roll in the society that has.
    Wages: Payment for labor or services to a worker, especially remuneration on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis or by the piece.
    I have my wage every month.
    Traitors: a person who is guilty of treason or treachery, in betraying friends, country, a cause or trust, etc.
    Her husband was a traitor.
    Mainly: for the most part; to the greatest extent; principally
    I manly study for has success.
    Karla Aguilar 2C