The Mysterious Books by Ayerdi, Chacón, Cheng, and Del Valle

The Mysterious Books

There was a very famous writer in 1968 that had written a lot of books and had become one of the most famous writers in that moment. His histories were about action, suspense and dead people. One day, he was in his favorite park, were he inspired many times, writing a new history. The history was about a woman that had lost her husband so she decided to find the person that make him died. He thought that the history would become a Best-Seller so he was very enthusiastic with the book.

But something stopped his emotion. The next day, he read the newspaper and discovered a strange thing. There was a story exactly the same as the one that he had written the last night. That news made him think about his histories, but he didn’t worry a lot, so he continued writing his story.

The next day he saw another strange thing. Another book he wrote was about a man that had lost her twin in a terrible accident and he couldn’t live without him. He saw in the news a story exactly the same as his book. So, he started feeling that his books were histories that later became true, so he decided one thing: he would make a book where all the people that had died in his others books would come to life again.

He was very proud of the book, because he thought that all the people that had die would revive but that thing never happened, so he felt very sad and alone because he thought that all those people had died for his cause. Finally, he took another decision: he would not write more books about death, he would just write books about good and happy things.

By Vanessa Ayerdi, Diana Chacón, Nanci Cheng, and Andrea del Valle

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